About Eryn PiNK

What is Eryn PiNK LTD.?

Eryn PiNK is a Fictional 12 year old character designed to be a positive representation of what a girl is today. Based on her story Eryn PiNK Ltd.  is an empowerment and mentoring  organization for girls and teens. Since 2011, Eryn PiNK Ltd. has served girls and teens in the community through our school program, community workshops, events and speaking engagements. We teach girls to live on PURPOSE! Eryn PiNK Ltd. empowers and inspires girls to set standards and excel expectations. Our workshops and events are focused around the importance of excelling academically, self-branding, healthy lifestyles and hygiene, peer pressure, intercepting mixed-media messages and simply embrace the enjoyment of girlhood.


The mission of Eryn PiNK Ltd. is to challenge the narrative of what it means to be a girl in today’s society, by inspiring girls to set standards and expectations that align with their values and morals, to encourage confidence so that they can confront stereotypes and peer pressure, and to empower them to find and use their voices.

Eryn PiNK is dedicated to motivating girls to embrace who she is and be the BEST at it.

We celebrate being a girl and you should too.

Scope of Services

  • School Program (Virtual and In-person)
  • Community Mentor and Leadership Program
  • Workshops and Public Speaking 
  • Youth Focused, Conference and Event Planning 
  • Youth Focused, Creative Marketing and Graphic Design 
  • Youth Performing Arts and Event Production 

Signature Programs:



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