Meet Eryn PiNK

Character Profile

Name: Eryn PiNK

Age: 13 years old

Grade: 8th Grade

Favorite Color: Pink and Purple  

Hobbies:Reading and Writing Stories

Eryn PiNK is a vibrant, but shy preteen that keeps to herself. She is self-disciplined and mature for her age, but not in a rush to grow up. She enjoys reading a great fairy tale book. And spends her free time writing inspirational stories. She lives in a single parent home with her mother. Her mom works long hours to make sure Eryn PiNK has everything she needs, but she is not in tune with Eryn PiNK’s  emotional needs, physical changes, nor concerned about understanding and relating to her. At times she feels lonely, misunderstood, tempted by peer pressure, annoyed and confused about her ever-changing world.  When those emotions overwhelm her and  she feels unimportant, Eryn PiNK recites the Eryn PINK Pledge to remind herself that she is a girl with purpose.  There is power in her thoughts and the words that she says.