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Our Mission

The mission of Eryn PiNK Ltd. is to challenge the narrative of what it means to be a girl in today’s society, by inspiring girls to set standards and expectations that align with their values and morals, to encourage confidence so that they can confront stereotypes and peer pressure, and to empower them to find and use their voices.
Our programs are a strong foundation, providing support, tools, resources and mentorship to empower girls, especially black girls, to speak up now and in the future to create a more equitable reality where they are comfortable advocating for themselves and their families.



of black girls in Central Ohio reported that they desired leadership opportunities.*  Our students shared they are limited by false perceptions of being “bossy” “loud” “mean” and “too black.”

*(The Quality of Life of Black Girls In Columbus, OH | The Commission on Black Girls)

How to get your daughter involved in our programs:

I Am A Girl With Purpose

Eryn PiNK is a 12-year old fictional character, who illustrates what it means to be an empowered leader and role model.  Her real-life experiences underscore today’s girl needs.  Based on her story outlined in this diary style workbook, our empowerment program uses this guided curriculum to challenge the narrative of what it means to be a girl in today’s society, by inspiring girls to set standards and expectations that align with their values and morals, to empower them to find and use their voices as leaders, discover the concept of purposeful living and to encourage confidence. 

Signature Programs

Eryn PINK School Program

We meet girls right where they are. In the Classroom! The Lunch Box Girl Talk School Program™ provides students the skills and tools necessary to live life on purpose and discover who they are. The program engages the students in interactive and innovative activities, discussions about real life experiences, skits/role playing and leadership exercises to achieve our goals.

Give that Girl the Mic - All Girl Talent Show

Give That Girl the Mic is our annual, fun-filled, packed all girl talent showcase. The talent showcase welcomes girls from all over the community to grab the mic and take the stage. We welcome all types of talent, individuals, groups and schools.

She’s Gold Leadership Program

She’s Brilliant! She’s a Leader! She’s Bold! SHE’S GOLD! Girls in grades 6 – 9 join us on a golden discovery through personal development. Program participants will be given tools and resources to navigate challenges that they face and create their own definitions of what it means to be a leader in today’s society.

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